Mystery at Point Beach

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Dominic and his friends are invited back to Point Beach for the holidays to await the ghostly apparition of the Christmas Tree Ship. It soon becomes clear there are more mysteries that need solving, when the owner of a nearby cabin sees dead people and the hauntings have spread to the small town of Two Rivers.

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When the Big Top Circus comes to Point Beach, a clown and his crew of teenage performers sets the stage for “funny business.” The diamond engagement ring Grandpa Bob brought for Windsong vanishes into thin air, and a mischievous monkey quickly becomes the prime suspect.

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Buried deep in the woods lies a secret map that leads to an artifact, written in code by a lumberjack who worked at Point Beach in 1939. As the mystery unfolds, Dominic, Forest and Sailor are on the case, but they’re not alone...

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Dominic and his friends, Forest and Sailor, head to Point Beach after receiving a disturbing call from the camp hosts. A series of strange, glowing lights in the sky are stirring up rumors of an alien invasion, and a conspiracy theory is well underway...

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When word gets out that a sunken pirate ship off the coast of Point Beach State Forest is believed to harbor gold, the campground becomes a hot spot for gold diggers and treasure seekers. Dominic and his friends, Forest and Sailor, dig up a clue that quickly puts them on the case...

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Can Dominic solve the mystery in time? It won’t be easy with the bumbling park ranger always getting in the way, but with a little help from a strange group of hippies and the eccentric camp hosts, Dominic may save the day—the “sundae,” that is...

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Mystery at Point Beach is a series based at Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The historical events are real. The humor is real. The mystery … not so real. Fun for the whole family!


The award-winning series is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Ivy Trails and The Granary Boutique in Manitowoc, LoCo WisCo in Green Bay, and the Read Apple, Washington House and Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers.

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