Pirates Booty Book Two

When word gets out that a sunken pirate ship off the coast of Point Beach State Forest is rumored to harbor gold, the campground becomes a hot spot for gold diggers and treasure seekers. Dominic and his friends, Forest and Sailor, dig up a clue that quickly puts them on the case.

Guided by a quirky professor, the three young detectives are well on their way to making a monumental discovery, as long as Ranger Rick doesn’t foil the expedition first. What will be uncovered during the latest storm of events washing up at Point Beach?

The town of Two Rivers is headed for a serious meltdown when a valuable ledger proving their claim to sundae fame is stolen, days before a televised broadcast commemorating their ice cream invention. Meanwhile, Dominic and Grandpa Bob are off to an exciting camping trip at Point Beach State Forest. When Dominic gets the scoop about the recent robbery at Historic Washington House and ice cream parlor, he finds himself smack dab in the middle of it all.

Can Dominic recover the stolen ledger in time? It won’t be easy with the bumbling park ranger always getting in the way, but with a little help from a strange group of hippies and the eccentric camp hosts, Dominic may save the day.  The ‘sundae,’ that is.


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The series is available online at Amazon, createspace and Barnes & Noble. It is also available locally at Treasures in Manitowoc, Point Beach State Forest and the Historic Washington House in Two Rivers.

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