Mystery at Point Beach is a series based at Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. The historical events are real. The humor is real. The mystery … not so real. Fun for the whole family!


Upcoming Events

Kate and Debby will be doing a slide presentation at the Two Rivers Historical Society on October 27th, 2:00,  in the Behringer room of the Community House, 1622 Jefferson St, Two Rivers, WI

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Alien Invasion


  • ″Excellent work Kate Jungwirth and Deborah Ann Erdmann! I applaud your ability to take actual history about the Two Rivers, WI and Ithaca, New York sundae wars and spin a tale that held me captive! I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!″

    Susan Marlene

  • ″This fantastic, family-friendly fiction title is a real treat for young teens, or anyone interested in a comical caper.″

    Mike Oswald

  • ″Mystery at Point Beach is a clever story with a positive message. Debby and Kate seamlessly weaved the historical aspects of the city of Two Rivers into a mystery story with fascinating characters. What a creative and fun read! Both kids and adults are sure to love it! I can’t wait for the next book in the series!″

    Anne Bender